The Bakers: Sarah, Jennifer, Trevor and Amanda

God has been so gracious to us
… in somewhat amusing ways!

Our home in small town Tuxford Saskatchewan has been such an oasis for us. Our little house is the warmest one that we have ever had. It was a true miracle costing only $37,000.

In the front of the house you will notice my fleet of Geo Metros, ranging from 1992 to 1995. I don’t know how to shop for a car; I never have. These cars just found me.

Even our 1991 Tercel; pictured in the foreground, the one that we began our ministry with is still as faithful as ever.

the fleet

There are some very interesting stories about these cars. The prices ranged from $900 to $2,000 each. Today you couldn’t get $1,000 out of any one of them; and yet, 75% of the driving for our ministry is done with these vehicles. Forty-hour trips are not uncommon. They just don’t seem to wear out; much like the sandals worn by the Israelites in the desert. Some of these cars take 12 inch tires, which they have almost stopped making. Last year I found 5 sets of tires; two are snow, for $25.00 per tire. On top of that they are new.

I could go on about the many interesting ways that God has provided for us. We are truly thankful.


A Message From Trevor

I'm not a pessimist, and I enjoy life, but there comes a time when we have to put away our "don't worry, be happy" mentality and tell it like it is. Our once great nation of Canada has, for the most part, fallen asleep spiritually. "We've come a long way baby" but in the wrong direction.

Two generations of spiritual recklessness have almost destroyed our wonderful country. I mean no disrespect, but we even have grandparents walking around today with no absolutes, no conscience, and very little understanding of the Godly principles that once made our country strong. Is it any wonder our young people are so confused today? Let's face it; at best we are weak without the help and direction of our Creator.

What will it take to wake us from our slumber? I believe before any great progress can be made in righting the wrongs of our society, we must first of all bring common sense back into the church. The hurting souls outside of our church walls don't care how loud or how long we sing, or how fancy our preaching is. I believe that the one and only thing that will make them rise up and take notice will be when Christians stop playing church and start living right.

We the church must start loving all we can, giving all we can, turning the other cheek, and actually living like we believe there is a Heaven. When that happens our society could be changed once again, but this time for the good.



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God must have a lot more
work for us to do.

Our home away from home.

This bus came out of nowhere. It’s an MCI 1965; you would never know it. It’s solid as a rock. The engine, a 318 Detroit Diesel was rebuilt from the ground up 50,000 miles ago. This bus is good for over 1 million miles or more. It could last us for over 10 years. The inside is totally converted like a motorhome. The previous owner put over $100,000 into it and sold it to us for $45,000, the price of some pick up trucks today. To say God provides would be an understatement.


Trevor and Jenny performing with the showcase band at Country Music Week in 1999.



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